The Feminization of Hip hop & Black Men


What I see in mainstream hip hop culture today is a disgrace to witness. The feminization of hip hop is appalling. What was once a masculine culture and form of expression has become a weak comedy show, where men display the nature of females. Grown men wearing skirts or whatever the hell you want to call them and becoming bitchy when things do not go their way. Grown men acting like punks and making threats over social media to seem hard, when real men are supposed to handle their issues face to face in order to come to a resolution. But these punks now of days are too scared to handle their issues with their hands, so they resort to shooting or hiding behind social networks. Actions fueled by emotions and estrogen rather than thinking logically and coming to rational decisions.  Just too much feminine behavior to see for a person who identifies with the masculine identity of what a grown man should be.

Yeah I know, I’m just a hater who’s not “getting money” and mad that I’m “not on top”. I just “wish I was balling” and “had all the bitches on my dick” and “money to blow”. Whatever weak rebuttal will be used to combat my observation, I will gladly let you direct such opinions towards my attention.

The truth of the matter is a lot of the “men” today are SOFT. They have the exterior of a man but have the thoughts and display the actions of a flustered female. They are followers of trends. Too mentally weak to think on their own and too fragile to operate in the world as a real man. No wonder the respect for black men is at an all time low. These feminine clowns are the only ones being blasted for the world to see and have become a standard for young, impressionable boys to aspire to.

What we need is for stand up men, real men within the black community to come together and take back our culture and guide these young boys. Show them how a real man operates, follows the lead of a leader and ventures out to become a leader himself.This epidemic was created because of the lack of fathers in the black home, which must cease to exist. We have too many of our young men out here clueless, trying to figure out what a man is and following within the images portrayed by today’s feminine hip hop. We have to be kings and rule over our kingdoms so they do not crumble and end in turmoil. This feminization is spreading because not enough men are taking a stand and providing examples of what being a man is really about.

I plan to take action and not just voice my opinion behind a computer screen. I am going to mentor, set up leadership camps, provide seminars anything I can possibly do to teach these young boys how to become a man. Don’t just complain about what’s going on. Get out here and take action so we can end this cycle of boys without real male guidance, who grow up to become a man with the characteristics of a female. It’s time for us as men to end this dark decline and become the leaders in our homes and communities.

Have an opinion about this subject? Speak on it, lets produce some real dialogue.

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