Separating the Real from the Fake

fake vs real

What’s considered real? What’s considered fake? In today’s world such a question will bring about different answers. Some answers will seem logical and true and others will leave you scratching your head thinking, “What the hell!”

You see today’s world is made up of people who have been subjected to images and thoughts that are believed to be “real shit”, when it is only used to dumb them down and keep them imprisoned in mental bondage. Do you know that mental imprisonment is one of the most powerful tactics to keep a person/ people trapped in a state of lack and failure? *A great topic to be touched on in the near future. When discussing the topic of real though, you have to understand that one person’s perspective on the subject may greatly vary according to the next person’s perspective. That means my perspective, which I wholeheartedly feel is right, may seem completely invalid and wrong according to another person’s thoughts. This is because we all have been birthed into different environments and circumstances that shape our outlook on life and what it means to operate within the world placed upon us. So somebody from the hood will identify with being a “real nigga” and somebody from the suburbs will not even know what that means. Does this make them fake? No because their outlook on life is developed through different lenses.

But what I have noticed is that today’s society, no matter the background and financials which defines them, are participating in a lifestyle perpetuated by some fake shit. Social media, reality television, popular group thought, increased materialism; all this shit is fake distractions being implemented into larger society in order to keep them blind to reality.

Social media… people living within an imagined reality that is developed from the idea of what they wished their life was like. Social media has a way of making people larger and more important than their actual reality. Reality television… people acting a fool on t.v. in order to gain a little fame and be recognized by the larger public. Fools thinking they are creating a successful brand by making an ass out of themselves. Popular group thought… people following behind the popular thought in place that has been widely accepted. Sheep being led into the slaughter. Increased materialism… fools buying on debt in order to appear wealthy. People actually believe financing a high priced lifestyle means they have made it. Damn people are so dumb and misguided by being fake today.

You know what Real is?

Real is being an individual.

Real is having your own thought and beliefs of how the world actually works based off of others foolishness.

Real is creating your own in order to provide for yourself and your family.

Real is being a leader who guides the lost.

Real is having some nuts and a backbone, telling people how fake and misguided they actually are.

You must understand that most people don’t want to hear real shit now of days because the fake lie feels so good. That is why they embrace being fake because it is so easy and accepted by nearly all. That is why you must separate yourself from those who accept the nature of being fake. Get the fake up out your circle and do not let them contaminate you or the people you hold dear to you.

The fake only last for so long and as you can see they are destroying one another quickly in order to survive and gain recognition. Being fake is not about morals, a code of ethics and conduct that dictates your reasoning for actions in life. Being fake is about living a lie in order to create a false image that propels as far as you can take it. If you strongly believe in being real, immediately separate yourself from any and everything that is immersed in being fake.

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