Modern Society Conditions Men to be Weak


If you are a man who adheres to the culture and standards of today’s society, I feel very sorry for you. The reason I feel sorry for you is because you have been conditioned to live your life as a mindless, spineless chump. You are being taught to be nothing more than a simp who lets people direct his life with their standards rather than his own. You live life with male genitalia but do not have real balls that produce actual testosterone.

I might come off as a little harsh and your feelings may have gotten hurt but honestly I could care less. The problem with a lot of today’s men is that they are soft in body and weak in mind; unable to actually be seen as a true man. You weak men of today are the puppets women can easily control. You are the fools who allow your individual thoughts to be silenced in favor of popular opinion. You are the punks who allow young boys to go through life acting and aging as boys, never developing into actual men.

We are in a sad state of affairs gentlemen. Due to the overwhelming lack of willpower by today’s modern man; men are seen as nothing more than an expendable commodity in the structure of today’s society. Men are afraid to speak up for themselves and be seen as aggressive because it goes against the nature of today’s soft culture that enforces political correctness and timid behavior. How has this been allowed to occur? I will tell you how:

  • Men have allowed women to lead their thoughts and behaviors rather than them leading women
  • Men have allowed the government to erode their leadership in their own communities, leaving them with no voice of authority
  • Men have become more feminine and have abandoned traditional masculinity because it represents an old, non-progressive society
  • Men are unconscious of themselves, not knowing their role in society
  • Men lack the discipline to grow and improve, they merely exist rather than living

The bottom line is that many of today’s men are not willing to take accountability for their own lives. Rather than standing up and being a man, taking on the challenges of a dysfunctional society, they allow the bullshit to persist by being a willing participant in the dysfunction. As time goes by, falling in line with the bullshit softens you because you are not hardened by facing opposition for what you believe in. Society wants you to be soft because it makes you easier to control, thus you reinforce the emasculation of future men. All you weak men need to locate your nuts and operate as real men in this soft ass world that has made you fearful and weak.

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