The Police State: Total Control


For the past couple of years we have witnessed the rise in what can be described as unjust police brutality. Keyword is witnessed, meaning documented by another person who is witness to the actions in question. Police overstepping their boundaries is not anything new though. Quite a few of these, hide behind the badge punks, like to experience a power trip and exert their perceived authority; which is an ongoing issue. But what is new is that these power drunk assholes are having their bad behavior recorded to be viewed by the world.

What you may have noticed though, is even with these overzealous actions being recorded, most police officers are getting off free of charge.

Why is this the case? Race?

No, it is deeper than race. Police are being given the free pass to terrorize in order to set up the complete transition to the police state.

The police state is already in effect, but the final piece to this transition is to galvanize erratic emotions so that the implementation of intrusive police activity is warranted. When people can be labeled as chaotic and dangerous then a precedent can be established where no questions need to asked, just the taking of action. Many Blacks will tell you this has already been going on with their interaction with police forever. Only now, these same sort of actions are being inflicted upon all rather than a specific race.

One could see how such harsh behaviors would unite people for the great good of a united society but you must remember society has been conditioned to be dumbed down and distracted. And the simple fact is that fear induces anger and anger in a dumbed down society tends to lead people to lash out at the wrong targets. Therefore, you will have people fighting amongst one another rather than aligning with one another to  take on the real enemy.

This happens because when the weak lack control, they seek to exert their want of power over another group or person in order to feel better about themselves. This is psychological warfare at its best. Control the population and force them to act out with emotions rather than logic due to them being under intense pressure. Thus, giving further justification to tighten the stranglehold the police state will have over your everyday life.

There are a host of other elements I can get into that play a role in this topic: federal government and local government, political parties interest, the media and much more. But right now I just want to get you thinking.

Look at the society around you.

View people’s daily interactions.

Begin to understand where the future is headed based off how people act and what they allow to occur around them.

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