Raw Rap Real Shit: The Definition


With a title such as Raw Rap Real Shit, straying far from the truth cannot be attempted at all. But what exactly is the truth? The truth varies from person to person, which means the truth is based on opinion of facts. And any intelligent person knows opinion is derived from someone’s personal ability to analyze the world and the interactions around them.

So what does this mean when it comes to Raw Rap Real Shit?

What it means is that the opinion provided here is done with the attempt to avoid group think and out of control emotions which are devoid of logic. Of course anything that applies as an opinion is done so within the context of some sort of emotion, therefore sparking the need to discuss said matter. On the other hand though, the subject matter discussed here is centered around the decay of modern society, irrational human interaction and some insight into Southern Culture. (I was born and raised in the deep South: Georgia/ Mississippi) Therefore, I do not choose to indulge in gossip, only the raw aspects of human existence that affect our everyday living.

At Raw Rap Real Shit, we avoid political correctness which has made people participating in mainstream society soft and moist, easily able to get fucked. Say what you feel but be able to back it up and do so with respect, avoiding emotional responses of attacking in order to empower yourself. For example, issues such as someone being racist, I personally do not care about nor waste my time on trying to argue against. Let someone be racist, that is an ingrained mindset which cannot be removed no matter how hard you try to do so. But said racist must respect me as a man or be dealt with in the way a man deals with a disrespectful man. Say what you feel but never make threats or seek to do harm or else face the repercussions of your misguided actions.

This is a place for real conversations to take place without having to deal with an outcry from social just warriors. We keep the conversation raw and real. If the conversation is carefully manufactured and fake, just keep that shit to yourself.

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