Scarface: Mental Exorcism

It’s refreshing to hear real hip hop and not that dumbed down rap bullshit that has saturated the airwaves. With Mental Exorcism, Scarface delivers lyrics that examine the issues within our current world and how they are tearing us apart as a country and dividing us as people. Instead of rapping about money, hoes and bullshit; Scarface is giving an analysis on the ills of modern day society, which most rappers shy away from.

Take time to watch the video and listen to the words being said. There’s real shit happening out here and most people are blind to it or look the other way until it affects their lives. Many people are battling life everyday on two fronts: their personal hardships and staying out of the conflict produced from those around them. This continued battle adds to tensions bubbling up within people which they direct upon others. Many people in today’s world are definitely experiencing mental exorcism and this song provides a snapshot of its effects.

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