Real vs Fake

Raw Rap Real Shit: The Definition


With a title such as Raw Rap Real Shit, straying far from the truth cannot be attempted at all. But what exactly is the truth? The truth varies from person to person, which means the truth is based on opinion of facts. And any intelligent person knows opinion is derived from someone’s personal ability to analyze the world and the interactions around them.

So what does this mean when it comes to Raw Rap Real Shit? (more…)

The Dame Dash Interview

I know I am a couple of weeks behind but I wanted to hear your perspective on the Dame Dash interview.

Are you your own boss?

Do you control your life and the way in which you choose to move?

Are you working towards developing your foundation which facilities future growth?

Feel free to comment and leave your opinion on the subject. I am about to be back on it and providing you all with that real shit, which is needed in this soft society.

Separating the Real from the Fake

fake vs real

What’s considered real? What’s considered fake? In today’s world such a question will bring about different answers. Some answers will seem logical and true and others will leave you scratching your head thinking, “What the hell!” (more…)